Experience Concierge for Hotels and Resorts

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The Hospitality Challenge

In the midst of dynamic market conditions and elevated guest and group travel expectations…..how do you efficiently:
  • Promote the unique aspects of your property
  • Offer personalized and curated service
  • Deliver convenient and user-friendly resources
  • Support group events with an engaging and scalable approach

The Hospitality Solution

CalUp’s concierge platform provides the only personalized, dynamic, guest-friendly solution to:
  • Promote your unique facilities, activities and venues to guests & prospective guests
  • Enhance guest engagement with recommended activities
  • Connect with and engage premier group travel and corporate event planning organizations
  • Build guest loyalty and repeat visits
Publish & Promote

Showcase your resort’s unique events, activities & venues

Attract & Retain Guests

Draw guests to your resort & engage current guests through activity discovery

Build Partnerships

Connect & collaborate with premier group travel partners and corporate event planners


Enhance & personalize guest engagement for hosted group events and guided activities

How the Experience Concierge Works

With CalUp’s easy-to-use web platform and mobile app you can efficiently and effectively curate and execute the “last-mile” of great corporate events.

Copyright ©2021 Gocal, Inc.

Copyright ©2021 Gocal, Inc.