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CalUp makes creating events, activities and offers fun and easy!


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Build your first event in minutes using our web-based platform



Share your event with CalUp’ers, customers, members and followers



Have fun building community and loyalty

CalUp for entreprenuers

Recommend event and activity ideas and build community & engagement around events and activities that you manage.


Engage the community

Recommend events and activity ideas and send links back to your own content.

Build your community

Publish hosted events, activities, and offers. Share publicly or limit just to your invitees. Engage existing and new customers, members, and followers.

Generate new revenue

Engage your community and create new revenue generating events, activities and offers.

Build loyalty

With CalUp, you control event related photo sharing and chat with your attendees. Turn an event into an ongoing conversation and relationship.

Your creativity is the only limit

Whether through recommendations linking back to your content or a traditional event, activity or time-based special offer, CalUp helps you engage and grow your community, and makes it easy to be creative!

1)Sign-up 2)Create Events 3)Send Invite & Connect with GoCal’ers

Recommend exciting event and activity ideas and offers. Connect with GoCal’ers and grow your business. Engage your customers through the fun GoCal App. Build enduring relationships.

Dashboard Automated reminders Capacity and privacy settings Social interactions - photo sharing, chat & notifications

iOS and Android versions Notifications for your invites Build your brand image


CalUp for groups and clubs

CalUp makes it fun and easy to engage your members and grow your organization around your passions -- all in one place.


Engage your members

Our modern app and easy to use tech allow you to create and publicize events, interact with your members and strengthen your community.

Find new members

CalUp'ers discover activities that match their interests. Share your events and activities with all CalUp'ers to grow your organization.

Share and collaborate

Enable your members to easily chat and share photos with each other.

Free club & group solution

The CalUp mobile app is free for your organization's members.

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(the CalUp App is free for consumers on the App Store and Google Play)

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    Publisher includes:
  • Web Dashboard
  • Recommended Event Publisher
  • Recommended Activity Publisher
  • Referral Links
  • Up to 5 Active Items
  • 1 User with 2Gb Storage
  • Mobile App (iOS & Android)
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    Publisher features plus:
  • Managed Event Creator
  • Contact and Group Manager
  • Engagement (Chat & Photos)
  • Event Amplifier (Bring Friends)
  • Public & Private Events/Offers
  • Promote to CalUp Community
  • 500 Invitees (> 500? Contact Us)
  • Email Support
  • *Free until August 31, 2021. Offer expires soon!

Pre register for free*

For organizations that desire customized branding, enterprise grade controls, integrations, onboarding & support

    Pro features plus:
  • Advanced Branding
  • Integration (Web & API)
  • Event & Activity Curation
  • Multi-Location & Entity
  • Engagement Analytics
  • Tailored Onboarding
  • Premium Support
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CalUp - the safe, fun and  easy app for doers & entrepreneurs
CalUp - the safe, fun and  easy app for doers & entrepreneurs

CalUp - the safe, fun and easy app for doers & entrepreneurs

All-in-one app: No more texts, emails, calendar invites, photo downloads, chat apps, etc. 

Engage:  Connect with your friends, family and colleagues around all of your passions.

Discover: Find events, activities and offers that match your interests.

Free doer App, Download Now!

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Copyright ©2021 Gocal, Inc.