About CalUp

CalUp is an all-in-one events and activities planning tool for individual consumers, businesses, groups, and organizations. Our fun, safe, social, and easy to navigate service enables our users to create, share, and discover exciting events, activities and offers. Creators, or “Publishers” may publish Recommended Events or Activities to help CalUp’ers discover new and fun things to do, and may publish Managed or Hosted Events or Activities and send invitations to customers, members and followers.

Events, Activities and Offers

CalUp is great for almost every event with a time and place. Our goal is to provide a tool to cater to events of all types – whether you are organizing a celebration, sale, new product, special visitor, music or just about anything else, our easy-to-use tool gives you the technology and capability necessary to help your next event thrive!

CalUp is the ideal app for almost all group activities. Whether you are planning a group outing, shop run/ride, group class, product training, customer tour, or adventure trip, CalUp can help you connect with your members or customers in a friendly and engaging way!

Offers are deals, discounts, or promotions offered by businesses and organizations to the CalUp community. These offers can be almost any time-based promotion such as pop-up events, weekly happy hour specials, event sales, membership events, BOGO discounts and more. Be creative!

Recommended Events and Activities are suggestions of DIY things to do made by local area Publishers (generally travel and activity bloggers, guides, businesses, clubs and the CalUp Ideas team). These recommended events or activities will often have Learn More links where CalUp’ers can explore the details of the activity or event. If a CalUp’er decides to participate or attend an event, they can choose to invite their friends with the tap of the “Go With Friends” button to have a ready-made activity to do with friends, family and colleagues. Recommended events and activities are a great way to discover new things to do, find new hobbies, and make new memories.

A Managed or Hosted Event or Activity is created by a publisher, business, or organization who then provides the event details, sends invitations, or shares the event with their followers. Hosted Events can be public (discoverable by anybody in the CalUp community), or private (limited to just the invited people). The attendance of Hosted Events can be enhanced by allowing invitees to invite their friends. Additionally, the Event Host can chat with invitees or share pictures through the CalUp app to make events more engaging and to create lasting memories and build loyalty.

How It Works

Our app is user friendly and has everything you need to create an exciting event, activity or offer. Individuals can create in-app events & activities and share them with friends, family, and colleagues. Businesses and groups can create events, activities, and offers through our website and share them with customers or members via the CalUp app. Events can be made private or public (public events/offers are shared with CalUp community members whose interests match the nature of the event/offer). Event organizers can choose to enable photo sharing, event chat, and many other features.

Publishers (businesses, organizations and influencers/bloggers) have access to the web dashboard and may create and share an unlimited number of recommended event and activity ideas with the CalUp community. Publishers may link their recommended events, activities and offers to their own blogs or socials to provide addtional information and gain new followers. Being a Publisher on CalUp is free.

Pros have the ability to not only share their ideas and recommendations with the CalUp community, but to host events, activities and offers in order to engage directly with and grow their community. ‘Managed Events, Activities & Offers’ can be public (shared with the entire CalUP community) or private (shared only with invitees). Pros may also connect with their invitees and attendees via chat and photo sharing to enhance engagement, create memories and build loyalty. A pro account is available for $19.99. Learn more about pricing here.

CalUp offers a fully customizable and integratable solution to enterprises and organizations interested in growing and engaging their community with compelling events, activities and offers. CalUp is appropriate for any hospitality organization, resort, venue, multi-unit dwelling, or expo that would benefit from promoting their unique facilities, activities & events, and engaging with their community. We offer advanced branding and integration with existing web solutions. Additionally, we provide training, tailored onboarding, and implementation support to our enterprise clients. Each client situation is somewhat unique, so contact us directly to discover what solutions we can offer.

Consumers can download our free CalUp app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The app allows individuals to create, discover, and share events and activities with family, friends, and colleagues all within the app. Consumers can also easily discover and do DIY activities or attend public events that match their interests.

At CalUp, we take the safety of our users seriously. If you believe you have identified someone misusing our platform, such as targeting/harassing an individual or group, please report the event item in the CalUp App and send us an email at support@getcalup.com with a description and screenshots of the issue.


The CalUp app (available on the Apple App Store and Google Play) is free to consumers. See more about our Publisher, Pro, and Enterprise HERE.

Yes! For a limited time, we are offering entrepreneurs, businesses, and groups a free, no-commitment trial of CalUp Pro until August 31, 2021.

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime.

You may cancel at any time. Your account will be closed at the conclusion of your current monthly billing cycle.

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Copyright ©2021 Gocal, Inc.