What is a Managed or Hosted Event or Activity?

A Managed or Hosted Event or Activity is created by a publisher, business, or organization who then provides the event details, sends invitations, or shares the event with their followers. Hosted Events can be public (discoverable by anybody in the CalUp community), or private (limited to just the invited people). The attendance of Hosted Events

What is a Recommended Event or Activity?

Recommended Events and Activities are suggestions of DIY things to do made by local area Publishers (generally travel and activity bloggers, guides, businesses, clubs and the CalUp Ideas team). These recommended events or activities will often have Learn More links where CalUp’ers can explore the details of the activity or event. If a CalUp’er decides

What is an offer?

Offers are deals, discounts, or promotions offered by businesses and organizations to the CalUp community. These offers can be almost any time-based promotion such as pop-up events, weekly happy hour specials, event sales, membership events, BOGO discounts and more. Be creative!

What kind of business or group activites work well on CalUp?

CalUp is the ideal app for almost all group activities. Whether you are planning a group outing, shop run/ride, group class, product training, customer tour, or adventure trip, CalUp can help you connect with your members or customers in a friendly and engaging way!

What kind of business or group events work well on CalUp?

CalUp is great for almost every event with a time and place. Our goal is to provide a tool to cater to events of all types – whether you are organizing a celebration, sale, new product, special visitor, music or just about anything else, our easy-to-use tool gives you the technology and capability necessary to help

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