Experience Concierge for Corporate Events

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The Corporate Event Challenge

You spend tremendous time and money to plan, book & administer a corporate event, but how do you…

  • Efficiently update materials as schedules evolve in the lead-up to the event?
  • Share detailed information in a consumer-friendly way?
  • Adjust on-the-fly for real-time schedule changes?
  • Communicate & implement serendipitous opportunities?

Meet the CalUp Experience Concierge

The Corporate Event Solution

CalUp’s concierge platform provides the only personalized, dynamic, guest-friendly solution to:
  • Keep participants fully informed, on track, updated as to changes, and happy!
  • Enhance the participant experience in a friendly, social way
  • Limit angst, uncertainty & doubt amongst participants
  • Enable serendipitous adaptation

Create rich activities & invites (date, time, location, details, links, maps, RSVPs, etc.)


Leverage existing materials and use templates for efficient event creation & replication

Update & Adapt

Adapt efficiently in real-time for schedule changes and on-the-fly opportunities


Engage participants with configurable notifications, chat, photo sharing and activity discovery

How the Experience Concierge Works

With CalUp’s easy-to-use web platform and mobile app you can efficiently and effectively curate and execute the “last-mile” of great corporate events.

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Copyright ©2021 Gocal, Inc.