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Let’s face it…this pandemic has defined a new normal in how we communicate with one another. For many of us, it has fostered a strong dependency on social media and a gradual withdrawal from in-person communication.

As vaccinations continue on a global scale and we begin to emerge from this pandemic, we are left wondering whether we can pick up where we left off…and how to re-engage with our friends and loved ones safely.

We also cannot overlook the impact that this pandemic has had on our mental health. For many, walks and hikes have provided vital stress-relieving activities and safe ways to engage with loved ones safely during this pandemic.

At the same time, the uncertainty created from this pandemic has acted against the norm of consistency. This inevitably has made creating consistent plans with friends and family more and more difficult. Whether it is a weekly walk with friends, or a monthly group hike, this pandemic has redefined human interaction and challenged the ways that we communicate with each other.

As we begin to live this new normal, we must actively search for the tools to help us maintain our relationships…and to build them back stronger. What excites me about CalUp is that it provides a single communication medium to plan fun and safe events and activities with my friends and family. 

It also provides this sense of routine through its recurring events feature, thus helping me engage with others on a consistent schedule and reach my activity goals.

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Copyright ©2021 Gocal, Inc.

Copyright ©2021 Gocal, Inc.