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Covid safe bike ride

It is well documented that social interaction is good for you in many ways – this New York Times article documents many past studies.  But we don’t need studies to know that spending time with friends, family & colleagues, and even random chats with strangers make us feel incredibly good. Covid-19 has caused us all, in varying degrees, to experience the negative impacts of social isolation and distance from others.  After a couple months of lockdown it became clear that Covid-19 would hang around for the foreseeable future, and I began to crave safe ways to socialize in person –  social distanced walks, hikes, bike rides, golf, small backyard get togethers, and driveway talks with neighbors. Each of those interactions injected me with new energy, and reinforced the preciousness of in-person social interaction.

One Covid-19 day, I picked up my phone and noticed that I had missed a last minute text invitation to a round of golf.  With no cycling partners available, I headed out on a ride alone.  As I bemoaned the missed text invitation, I wondered how many other texts, emails, and social DMs I had missed in the past.  I knew there had to be a better way and I began to formulate CalUp, as in “Calendar Up!”  Nine months, many iterations, and a ton of hard work later, we are getting close to launching the CalUp App – a fun, safe, social and easy to navigate app that enables our community (individuals, groups, clubs and businesses) to create, share and discover events and activities based on their interests.

As our society navigates to a new normal, the pent up need for socialization builds – what, where, how and with whom we do stuff is changing.  Many organizations are struggling to sustain themselves.  We hope that CalUp will help folks fill the need for socialization, and help organizations and small businesses thrive through fun, safe & social events and activities.

This is just the beginning of our journey……join CalUp, give us feedback, and help us make CalUp fulfilling and fun. Register your organization, business, club or group at or sign up for early access to our consumer mobile app and reserve your username at Let us know what you think…..and get ready to calendar up –  safely of course!

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Copyright ©2021 Gocal, Inc.