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CalUp’s all-in-one platform for corporate events, premier group travel, and hospitality organizations provides a personalized, dynamic, and consumer friendly “last-mile” solution to enhance your guest experience. Get started today!

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How it works

CalUp - the all-in-one web platform and mobile app that provides the “last mile” solution to curate and execute great events and activities.



Create rich activities and invites (date, time, location, details, links, maps, RSVP, etc.)

Customize & update

Leverage & incorporate existing materials; Adapt real-time for changes and on-the-fly opportunities


Engage participants with configurable notifications, chat, photo sharing and activity discovery

Create memories

Generate excitement for next time, follow business updates, engage employees and new customers

Your creativity is the only limit

CalUp provides a deeper level of communication and engagement for events and activities, and lets you leverage existing content assets, sites, apps and tools. Let your creativity run wild!

1)Sign-up 2)Create Events 3)Send Invite & Connect with GoCal’ers

exciting event and activity ideas and offers. Connect with GoCal’ers and grow your business. Engage your customers through the fun GoCal App. Build enduring relationships.

Dashboard Automated reminders Capacity and privacy settings Social interactions - photo sharing, chat & notifications

iOS and Android versions Notifications for your invites Build your brand image


Key platform features

(the CalUp App is free for consumers in the App Store and Google Play)


Easy-to-use tool to implement the “last-mile” of great group events

    Key Features
  • Create activities efficiently by leveraging existing content and by utilizing import tools, templates & the web interface
  • Customize and enhance activities with images, links, documents, maps, etc.
  • Adjust settings: public, private, max attendees, notifications, chat, photo share, etc.
  • Communicate to participants via group chat
  • Provide complementary activity recommendations and/or collaborate with hotel & resort partners
Local Coordinator / Guide

Simple tool for consistent and informative communication with participants

    Key Features
  • Provide pre-event “get-to-know” engagement
  • Adjust and update the schedule on-the-fly
  • Chat to engage and communicate with guests in real-time before and during event
  • Adapt easily for serendipitous opportunities
  • Recommend free time activities
  • Share photos to create enduring memories

Intuitive easy-to-use app keeps participants informed and engaged

    Key Features
  • RSVP quickly and easily
  • Understand full event and activity details
  • Navigate simply with Google maps integration
  • Click to “Learn More”, “Map”, “Schedule”, “GPS Route”, etc.
  • Chat, share photos, view other invitees and invite others
  • Discover recommended activities and events
CalUp -  the safe, fun and easy app for events & activities
CalUp -  the safe, fun and easy app for events & activities

CalUp - the safe, fun and easy app for events & activities

All-in-one app: No more texts, emails, calendar invites, photo downloads, chat apps, etc. 

Engage:  Connect with your friends, family, colleagues and create lasting memories.

Discover: Find events and activities that match your interests.

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Copyright ©2021 Gocal, Inc.